Nirva application platform


Nirva is a robust application server combined with integration services and orchestration.

Nirva is used as:
  • An Application Server for enterprise-wide projects.
  • An Application Platform for the products.


Nirva targets tactical projects for large and medium companies, especially for back-end processes. This kind of project is often motivated by cost reduction but is paradoxically supported by oversized products (e.g. WebSphere, WebLogic). Nirva allows significant cost savings, not only for licenses, but also for development, maintenance and operations costs.
For the larger companies, Nirva adequately complements the enterprise strategic tools by allowing them to be perceived as a business solution by hiding the technical aspects of the various components and by federating heterogeneous information and application systems.
For medium size companies, Nirva projects can be used as a more strategic tool by supplying a robust, independent and complete application base layer.


For software suppliers, Nirva is used as an application backbone supporting their own products. Its feature rich and flexible architecture hides a significant part of the technical components, thus allowing product development to focus on core functionality. Nirva offers value from the technical integration layer up to the presentation and front-end layer.
Nirva supports the development of applications opened to the outside world (APIs), secured (users and rights management) and extensible (distributed architecture). Its application domain is unrestricted (bank, insurance, industry, health care, etc.).
Nirva can host and support standard applications (client/server) or ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) type with multitenancy management.
Users are small and medium software suppliers. Nirva can also be used by specialized integrators who wish to standardize and reuse their development.

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Please read the readme files in the source tree in order to get instruction for compiling Nirva on your target platform.

SVN repository (use guest as user name):
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Nirva is a modular product and developpers can participate by creating extensions: services, applications, renderers, nidgets, etc...
See the projects page for a list of Nirva extensions.


Nirva systems encourages users to participate in the development of the Nirva Application Platform and its services.

For learning about Nirva contribution, please read the dedicated wiki page.